Looking for Highly Nutritious Goat Meat?

We love raising goats and cattle, and have invested significant time and resources into raising what we believe are the best goats at Clarkeheaven Estate.

Goat meat is beginning to replace beef and chicken in terms of popularity and consumption as it is nutritious and delicious. Goat meat is an ideal meat for anyone on a diet as it has less calories than chicken and beef. We engage in ethical goat farming in VIC. Our goats are available to restaurant owners and chefs as well as local residents seeking healthy and sumptuous goat meat.

We are passionate about goats and we hope that it becomes contagious. We work hard to ensure our goats are healthy and well cared for. We let them browse the property in search of their favourite snacks.

Continuous eating of green leaves, plants and bark makes their day. Our goats lead a leisurely life, free from stress, hormones and antibiotics. Our goal is to raise the healthiest goats and offer them to you at an affordable price.

Contact us to order yours today.